Together we will succeed!

A fundamental component of the Department of Urology at the KLINIK am RING is the scientific cooperation with treatment centers in Germany and overseas, as well as the intensive collaboration with experts in all regions of Germany.

Within this framework, the Department of Urology, also known as the West German Prostate Zenter,  is also the co-founder of the International Prostate Cancer Group (IPG). More information on the IPG’s website. 

The team of physicians at the interdisciplinary prostate center at the Klinik am Ring, treats high number of patients from Germany as well as patients from foreign countries each year. In order to warrant a successful post-care and to keep in touch with the patients, the West German Prostate Center maintains close contacts with specialist physicians, who have their treatment facilities close to the domiciles of the patients. 

An especially intensive collaboration has been established with Dr. Rudolph Stratmeyer, urologist at the Klinik "Links vom Rhein", and the urologist Dr. Walter Müller in Wiesbaden, both renowned experts in the treatment of prostate cancer.

Beyond that, increasingly more patients with their first domicile abroad, usually from the Balearic Islands or the Canary Islands, or patients who are looking for a rehabilitation vacation after surgery, chose treatment at the West German Prostate Center. In order to warrant comprehensive and save support of these patients, we likewise cooperate closely with German urologists abroad. An intensive cooperation exists also with Dr. Thomas Künkel in Palma de Majorca.

Further more, all treatment and aftercare data of the patients are recorded and maintained for a period of at least five years. They are documented in a database, examined, and evaluated by our scientific staff.

Scientific Exchange

In addition to the continuing training for colleagues in the field of prostate cancer, the German Prostate Center offers national and international continuing education and training for physicians on a regular basis. Patient events that provide information regarding treatment and the latest development in prostate cancer are also organized on a national and international level. 

The team of the Department of Urology at the KLINIK am RING is dedicated to further education and training of its own staff members, and maintains close contacts to other treatment centers in Germany and colleagues in Europe United States. Thus, our experts remain in close contact with Professor Louis Potters from the New York Prostate Institute, who lectured already at our yearly Prostate-Up-Date Meetings. 

Other speakers and lecturers of our yearly events were among others: 

  • Prof. Jean-Marc Cosset,Head of the Radio-Oncology department at the Institut Curie
  • Prof. Dr. de la Rosette, Director of the University Clinic for Urology, Amsterdam
  • Prof. Dr. L. Potters, Director Radio-Oncology, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, New York City
  • PD Dr. Bachmann, Director of the Urological University Clinic, Basel
  • Dr. Poppert, Guy´s & St. Thomas Hospital London
  • Prof. Dr. P. Hammerer, Head Physician at the Clinic for Urology, Braunschweig
  • PD Dr. Herfarth, German Cancer Institute, Heidelberg
  • Prof. Dr. Schmitz-Dräger, Euromed-Clinic, Fürth
  • PD Dr. Graefen, University Hospital Eppendorf, Hamburg
  • PD Dr. Böhmer, Charité - Humboldt-University, Berlin
  • Prof. Dr. Heidenreich, Director of the Urological University Clinic, Aachen

The list of lecturers and/or speakers as well as the programs of all the events organized and conducted by the Department of Urology at the KLINIK am Ring (West German Prostate Center) are summarized in the website menu under Physician Program for Continuing Education.n.