Second Opinion


Radiation, surgery, implantation of seeds, or active surveillance – in Germany approximately 58,000 males are confronted each year with the diagnosis of prostate cancer and are facing the difficult decision to “choose” the right treatment. To date, the treatment of prostate carcinoma offers various advanced therapy options with equal chance for success. It is therefore even more important to weigh the pros and cons of the various therapy options carefully especially in view of personal circumstances, such as overall health, age, life style, etc. 

The team of the West German Prostate Center at the KLINIK am RING  along with prostate cancer specialists in the United States and in Europe who constitute the “International Prostate Cancer Group” (IPG), aim to enhance and optimize the quality of standard treatment procedures for prostate diseases through scientific collaboration, information exchange, and patient counseling.

Patients with prostate cancer in Germany and foreign countries can  take advantage of the medical knowledge of highly specialized experts who provide a competent and independent second opinion.

A second opinion outlines the therapy options specific to the disease of the respective patient, and elucidates toward the success that may be expected in each case. It also describes the possible side effects of the individual treatment methods. The international and interdisciplinary competence of the expert team warrants neutral and objective results. 

To provide a second expert opinion, we need the following data:

PSA Score:

It is important that you submit all available PSA scores obtained during the last months and/or years. The course of the PSA scores taken over time will provide essential information about the nature of a prostate carcinoma. 

Biopsy result(s):
For an accurate second opinion, it is necessary that you provide a copy of the pathological (histological) assessment of your prostate biopsies. 

Results of imaging examinations:

Written results of possibly already performed imaging examinations (transrectal ultrasound, bone cintrigraphy, CT, MRT, PET-CT, or similar examinations) should be included in the documentation submitted to us.

If you wish a second opinion, please send this information to the IPG or the West German Prostate Center.