Greenlight Laser


This method developed in the United States combines the advantages of endoscopic prostate removal (TURP/TURis) with those of the laser therapy. It is performed under general anesthesia by placing an endoscope into the urethra up to the level of the prostate. The laser fiber is guided through the endoscope and the prostate tissue is then quickly and gently vaporized in layers. The surgeon controls the laser operation at the monitor to the nearest millimeter. Because the laser does not penetrate the tissue that deeply, little or no bleeding occurs, which is a great advantage for patients who depend on blood thinning medication. Other benefits are that the procedure only involves a short stay in the hospital, and in individual cases, it can be perofrmed on an outpatient basis. A urethral catheter is often only placed for one night; in many cases, a catheter is not at all necessary

You can find an more about Greenlight Laser procedures in the  Journals for Physicians.