LIFE Diode Laser

More precise - more effective.

While Greenlight laser is being used already in many other cance centers, the Department of Urlogy at the KLINIK am RING uses a revolutionary new laser technique, the so-called LIFE laser therapy with the EvolveTM diode laser systems, since January 2008. Since April 2010 our Center, as the first center in Germany, started to use the brandnew Evlove-180-System with a high output of 180 Watts.
An essential advantage is the high wattage of the diode lasers and thereby resulting in a greater vaporization effect. Meaning that patients with an already greatly enlarged prostate can have a minimally invasive laser therapy, which in the past was reliant on the classical trans-urethral resection of the prostate (TURP). The treatment period is altogether shorter and allows for a more gentle anesthesia procedure, which is less straining on the cardiovascular system. Additionally, the Evolve laser can also be used for the widening of urethral strictures and the removal of bladder stones.