TURiS Vaporization

As one of the few cancer centers in Germany, the urology clinic at the KLINIK am RING offers now in addition to Greenlight laser, LIFE diode laser, TURP, and TUNA, the ultra-modern laser technique TURiS (Transurethral resection in saline) plasma vaporization for the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia.

Unlike the classical enucleating, in a TURiS plasma vaporization a well-tolerated saline solution is used instead of a hypotonic rinse that can potentially lower the sodium in the body. This prevents the potentially life-threatening TUR syndrome, in which the hypotonic rinse enters the bloodstream. In addition, operative complications such as urinary incontinence and impotence can almost completely be avoided with the gentle and minimally invasive procedures.


The surgeon can combine with the two systems different techniques: the resection with the help of electric current and the evaporation (vaporisation) using a vaporization. The plasma vaporization electrode is similar to a laser vaporizing  the tissue, but without developing excessive heat. At the same time, the tissue is scabbed and bleeding is avoided. The vaporization electrode is mainly used in the area of highly vascularized mucous membranes. The tissue located behind the prostate contains fewer capillaries and can be tissue is mechanically ablated with a resection loop. The tissue chips resulting from the resection are examined by the pathologist for possible tumor cells.


Due to the unique combination of evaporation and electric loop, and depending on whether the hemostasis or tissue sample is paramount, the respective electrode is selected and introduced through the working channel into the prostate. Another advantage is the shorter operation time. The method is particularly attractive for patients who tend to have a high risk of bleeding and concomitant diseases such as cardiovascular diseases.