The most effective and most meaningful treatment for patients with advanced or aggressive prostate cancer is the afterloading therapy. 

In the afterloading of the brachytherapy, a temporary short-term high dose radioactive source is being placed into the prostate. This established treatment method is based on a remote controlled „afterloading“ of the radioactive iridium by hollow needles under ultrasound guidance.  At precisely calculated points, a single radioactive pellet is temporarily inserted and guided through the needles placed into the prostate, which allows for an optimal distribution of the dose. This treatment is administered theree to four times under short-term anesthesia in intervals of one week each. 

Internal and external radiation therapy – an effective combination

The afterloading will in most cases be combined with an external radiation therapy. However, the dose of the external therapy can be significantly decreased, because of the additional high-dose internal radiation therapy. The patient experiences considerably less complications and discomfort. Moreover, the combined afterloading therapy is especially effective in cases of locally advanced prostate cancer without distant metastasis.