The KLINIK am RING is equipped with high performance technical instruments and equipment for the so-called magnetic resonance imaging or diagnostic imaging:

Dr. med. Rudolf Kirchner, accredited physician for diagnostic radiology and nuclear medicine: “Aside all of the technique in our area, it is for us of utmost importance that the patient feels comfortable and secure. We want to help the patient to overcome his anxiety and fear of the “tube” as well as possible radioactive substances”. 

Dr. Bruno Frentz, accredited physician for diagnostic radiology: "Computer tomography is a medical imaging or x-ray procedure for the imaging of bones, inner organs, cavities, muscles soft tissue, and vascular structures. Detailed cross sections and three-dimensional reproductions allow an optimal and secure therapy planning. The magnetic resonance tomography, however, does show these images without x-rays and much more precise, meaning that also infections can be recognizen."