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Whether you are visiting us to discuss preventive care, whether you are unclear about your symptoms, or whether your symptoms are already known to you, in our department you will be well informed, receive in-depth consultation, and experience the best medical care!

The chances of curing prostate cancer increase with early detection

The most important weapon in the fight against urological cancer diseases is the early detection. All men and women should take advantage of these examination at the age of 45. Modern ultra sound, labatory tests, and exams help to recognize possible diseases of the kidneys, bladder, and urethra. Additionally, it is important that you start with self-observation to recognize possible changes. Testicular cancer is a disease that does not only effect "older males", but also younger men between the age of 25 and 35.  

Most frequently occurring cancer in males: prostate carcinoma

With targeted preventive screening, the disease can now be detected in its early stage in about 90% of the cases and can be treated effectively. Early detection is crucial since often there are no symptoms in the early stages of prostrate cancer

Maximum preservation with minimally invasive techniques

Today, benign diseases can be cured with less-invasive surgical procedures that cause only minimal side effects. For example, urinary incontinence in woman can be successfully treated on an outpatient basis by inserting a transobturator tape without the need of laparotomy. Urinary stones are generally crushed from the outside by means of sound waves or are removed endoscopically, a procedure that is also done on an outpatient basis.

Even prostate cancer is treated gentle with non-invasive techniques such as  modern radiotherapy methods, and only rarely requires a radical prostatectomy.

A detailed discussion and a detailed study will form the basis for an accurately diagnoses and a successful treatment plan adjusted to your life style.

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Medical care from A to Z  

Comprehensive diagnosis and treatment of your symptoms - all under one roof

The West German Prostate Center has the goal to be a contact point and information center for both patients and  physicians for the treatment of diseases relating to the prostate.

Skill specialization and collaboration networks formation of experienced specialists - "all under one roof" - allows for in depth consulting, diagnostics, therapy, and post-therapy of all prostate diseases under optimal conditions and on the highest medical and technical level. Through continuous professional development, and  advanced training offered to colleagues in the field, we can ensure that current knowledge about the latest developments and state-of-the-art techniques is disseminated and implemented.

Informative events for specialists in the field as well as for patients are organized on an international and national level. Additionally, the West German Prostate Center collaborates with other treatment centers in Germany and abroad, which further contributes to its high success rate.

Currently a variety of effective proven treatments and therapies are available for the treatment of benign prostate enlargement and prostate carcinoma. Prior to accepting any of the new methods into our spectrum of cancer treatment, the new and innovative therapies are thoroughly tested and critically compared to already existing therapies.