Overview Scope of Services

Urological Oncology
Open and endoscopic tumor surgery
Brachytherapy for prostate cancer
Afterloading therapy
Iodine seed implantation
Chemotherapy / Immunotherapy
Transurethrale Resektion der Prostata (TUR-B)

Specific urological surgery
Endoscopic / Open prostate surgery
Minimal-invasive/open prostatectomies
Operative correction of urethral strictures
Hernia operations
Vasectomy (male sterilization)

Refertilization after sterilization (vasovasostomy, refertilization)

Incontinence surgical procedures
Bladder suspension surgery / Transobturator Tape 
Collagen Injections / Artificial sphincter

Laser Surgery
Treatment of urethral stenoses
GreenLight laser therapy
LIFE Diaodenlaser therapy
(Gall bladder/Kidney) Stone therapy
Condylom removal

Hormone deficiency symptoms
Male menopause
Libido / impotence and

Infertility (wanting to have children)
Clarification of symptoms
Varicocele therapy
Surgical sperm recovery

Erectile dysfunction(impotence)
Examination (Doppler ultrasonography, SKAT, elastography)
Correction of penile curature (curveture of the penis)
Andrological prostetic surgery

Pediatric Urology
Anti-Reflux surgery
Testicular surgery
Circumcision (circumcision of the foreskin)

Urodynamic examinations

Early detection / diagnosis
Sonography (Doppler, transrectal ultra sound)
Prostate biobsy
PCA3 Gene test
Cystoscopy / ureter / renal pelvis
Early detection of cancer / tumor follow-up