Quality Assurance


The quality assurance management of the West German Prostate Center at the KLINIK am RING,  fully complies with the most recent international guidelines of the European and American Cancer organizations. Continuous quality monitoring is essentially warranted by the two major components that constitute the cornerstones of our services: 
A team of well experienced experts who have been practicing at the West German Prostate Center since its beginnings and the continuous education and training provided by the Center to its physicians, medical team, and nursing staff. 

The indications for an appropriate therapy are determined in close cooperation with our radiotherapists, whereby interdisciplinary case discussions and the application of international nomograms have a particularly high significance. Quality is additionally controlled in the context of weekly interdisciplinary colloquia.

There is an international consent, that for example, for the gaining and maintaining of sufficient experience in performing brachytherapy, at least 60 to 80 implantations per year should be performed by the same team. The team of the West German Prostate Center has performed more than 2500 brachytherapy procedures during the last five years. 

The team participates in continuing education and training programs on a regular basis. It organizes a Prostate-Update-Meeting each year during which national and international speakers report on the current state and latest development in the field as well as other subject related events for colleagues and patients.

Documentation of all patient, treatment, and post treatment assessment data

At the West German Prostate Center at the KLINIK am RING, prospectively and consecutively, data regarding the definite parameters of organs, tumors, and administered doses parameters are recorded for all pre surgical, intermediate, and post-surgical procedures. In addition to the standard documentation, the PSA score and possible imaging examinations, the quarterly assessment of all relevant parameters for the quality of life, micturition situation, and sexual function are recorded for a period of at least three years utilizing international and validated patient questionnaires. The retrieved data is made anonymous and stored in a prostrate carcinoma databank that was developed for the West German Prostate Center. The team's databank is one of the most extensive databanks of this kind in Germany.
A radiation protection expert  is responsible for the performance and treatment quality of the therapy fully in compliance with the radiation protection legislation (StrSchV) for the medical field. In addition, an expert radiation therapist is the incumbent  for the lawful clarification and interpretation of the radiation protection regulations. 

It goes without saying that the West German Prostate Center only works with state-of-the-art technical equipment, which complies with the requirements of the MPG (medical product law) and satisfies the specifications of the notice of approval as well as the current regulations of the radiation protection legislation (StrSchV) and the X-ray ordinance (RöV).

The legal framework is provided by the radiation protection law (StrSchV), the X-ray regulations (RöV), and by the permission of the respective supervisory authority.